When my kids were younger, I would tell them the stories of Jesus, or the Bible, and insert the deeper truths as I read to them. I found this fairly easy to do if I had a good, basic story book that was beautiful, and did not take a proselytizing tone. (There are a few out there – more on that later.) But my friends said, “Please write a book!” because they did not find it very easy at all.

In that spirit, at long last. I will offer some stories here, and weave them into an e-book for the older child, or for a parent to use with a younger child. My husband, Timothy Kretzmann, a gifted storyteller, has inspired Ananda families on topics such as American heroes, saints around the world, and the life of Christ. I am including his stories for they are good read-aloud stories for older children, and especially helpful if you are trying to find ways to honor the spiritual seasons.

I will use sources related to the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda, and his direct disciple, Swami Kriyananda for the metaphysical aspects. I believe you will find these stories an inspiring way to teach your child about the deeply mystical aspects of the life of Jesus Christ.

Mary Kretzmann

PS – Many links follow this e-book…scroll down to see them.

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Links to my pages, click on these titles to read:

Jesus Appears After Easter, by Mary Kretzmann

Jesus Appears at Galilee, by Mary Kretzmann

The Ascension of Jesus, By Mary Kretzmann

Spiritual Seasons, and Easter

Sacred Exits, East and West

Divine Protection, Psalm 91

Stories by Timothy Kretzmann:

1.) Palm Sunday, by Timothy Kretzmann

2.) Good Friday, by Timothy Kretzmann

3.) Easter Morning, by Timothy Kretzmann

>Click here for “Stories of Christ” By Timothy Kretzmann<

More Resources: Swami Kriyananda on the mysticism in the Bible

Swami Kriyananda on the “Hidden Meaning of the Nativity”

Swami Kriyananda on the mystical aspects of Jesus’ words

Swami Kriyananda on the “True Meaning of Christianity”

3 min. beautiful video: “The Amazing Staircase.” Our family visited this special church, Loretto Chapel. It is an extraordinary  story.

The Amazing Staircase


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