The Christ Child’s Asleep

Have a blessed Christmas –

From our family to yours…

Love in Him,

Mary & Tim

PS. Peter, in the maroon shirt, is our son…

The Christ Child’s Asleep – song by Swami Kriyananda


When Does the Soul Enter the Body?

A lot of people look for this article that I wrote some time ago – so I thought I would post it again here in this scribd format

Young Folks at Ananda

I think you’ll enjoy this short video by college student Rachel Andersen, who grew up here at Ananda Village in Nevada County, California.

And, as you watch you will see many young adult members. Many of them grew up here, and some came to attend Ananda’s Living Wisdom High School. Others moved here right after college, and several attended our very own Ananda College of Living Wisdom.

The video highlights  scenes from Community life, as well as the Living with Spirit program.  That’s a special 2- week program designed for those 18-30 years old to get to know Ananda better in a fun, simple and a little bit rustic manner. Last year the program was such a hit that it is now being offered in three segments highlighting some of the main interests of attendees:

  • Farming and Sustainability, June 23 – July 11
  • The Community Experience, July 11 – 25
  • Deepen Your Spiritual Life, August 1 – 15

And, I want point out that the handsome, well spoken young man in the video (at 2:50) named Peter, is our eldest son. Yes – I am guilty as charged – a proud Mom.  Funny – that reminds me of a comment NayaSwami Kriyananda made to me about Peter, after he did a great job in the play, The Peace Treaty.  Swamiji said, “Didn’t Peter do a great job? Are you proud of him?”  And then he added, laughingly, “Oh – but don’t be too proud!!”

So, without being too proud, I must say I enjoyed seeing how articulate he is  about the spiritual life in general, and his life here at Ananda Village.  He has had many opportunities to dive deep in these teachings, and to see other parts of the world. This combination gives him clarity to choose what is right for him, and to describe it well for others to understand.

God bless you and your family!

Mary Kretzmann