When Does the Soul Enter the Body?

A lot of people look for this article that I wrote some time ago – so I thought I would post it again here in this scribd format


Beautiful Start to the New Year

Paramhansa Yogananda sends his blessings on World Brotherhood Colonies out into the world. Beverly Hills, California, July 31, 1949

Please be sure to see:  Celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas – at ananda.org – for many beautiful and helpful resources for families.

I am offering this  “Advent for Master’s Birthday” a few days ahead of time to give you a head start.  Read through it – keep it simple…I hope to write out the stories for the future because I realize most people won’t comb through the Autobiography of a Yogi looking for stories. Just jump in and wing it this year…Use the stories that come to mind..

Blessing in the New Year to you and your family,

Mary Kretzmann

PS -You can also read more on Yogananda’s birthday by clickinghere:

Birthday Of Paramhansa Yogananda – Jan. 5

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Prayers with kids: Gulf of Mexico

This simple but beautiful video can help you and your children send healing energy to the Gulf of Mexico:

You can learn more about teaching your children to pray by reading my chapter on “Prayer and Devotion

More Prayers for the Gulf of Mexico –

click here

Prayer-Demands for Children, by Paramhansa Yogananda

Swamiji: “Be a Peter Pan in your Heart”

This delightful talk offers  insights on children, family life and adult responsibilities such as earning money, etc.  He ends with some valuable commentary on current politics, taxes and the economic crisis.

For more on this, see my blog here:

Coming World Crisis: “Wake up now”

It contains many more in-depth resources on this topic.

Praying to Conceive a Spiritual Child

It is a gift to aspire to bring Light to this world  in whatever ways God calls you to do so. If you are called to the family life,  and you are hoping to start a family soon, then know you can pray and ask God, Christ, Guru to send you a spiritual child…And then do your best to offer that soul love and spiritual support according to the child’s needs.

I offer this free e-booklet to all who would so aspire…now or in the future.

Divine Mother Healing Prayer

Paramhansa Yogananda taught several healing prayer techniques., and this one is simple but deep, and  suitable to use at prayer time with your children.

You can learn more about “Prayer and Devotion with Children”  by clicking on the link.  It takes you to a chapter that I  wrote on this subject.  In it I  share many things that were helpful to our children, who are now grown up!

And, in closing, remember that Paramhansa Yogananda said,

“Healing depends on the power of the healer, and the receptivity of the patient.”

So simply do your best, and leave the rest in the loving hands of God.

God bless you all.


Mary Kretzmann

Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry

Jesus Appears After Easter, e-book

This free e-booklet is very useful an inspirational to read to your children as bedtime stories in these days after Easter and before the celebration of His Ascension.