When Does the Soul Enter the Body?

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A New Form of Birth?

As we go deeper into the age of Dwapara Yuga (the age of energy) we will see science advance in many ways.  In so doing, mankind may begin to feel “all-powerful.” But, for the perceptive mind, there will always remain the journey of the soul. This will remain essentially the same – though outer circumstances will change – such as technology around birth and death and much more. And the laws of karma always remain, i.e.,  what you put out  – you get back. It may be on time delay – but it will happen.

Anyway – my thoughts ran in this direction after reading this article yesterday:

No men OR women needed: Scientists create sperm and eggs from stem cells

Human eggs and sperm have been grown in the laboratory in research which could change the face of parenthood.

It paves the way for a cure for infertility and could help those left sterile by cancer treatment to have children who are biologically their own.

I was relieved to know that the author thought there might be ethical concerns.   At this point the researchers think they have created preliminary sperm cells and egg cells – which is pretty amazing.  My hat is off to them on a purely scientific level, even if I have misgivings about the direction of the whole deal.

The sperm had heads and short tails and are thought to have been mature enough to fertilise an egg.

The eggs were at a much earlier stage but were still much more developed than any created so far by other scientists…

…The American team used stem cells taken from embryos in the first days of life but
hope to repeat the process with slivers of skin…

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1223617/No-men-OR-women-needed-artificial-sperm-eggs-created-time.html#ixzz0VMRYBHPV

However, there are many ways that the greed aspect of human nature could exploit this science.  At this point, my gut reaction is that some things are better left alone.  However, that is unlikely. Science will continue to evolve. What is needed is for “spiritual  science” to evolve right along with it,  or even more ideally, ahead of it.

In any age – the spiritual truth remains, “Love they neighbor as thyself” and, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” This can help in most ethical questions – especially if you also consider the soul nature of all those involved.

In the article “When does the soul enter the body?” I present the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda on the entering at conception.

When the sperm and ovum unite, at the moment of conception, there is a flash of light in the astral world. Souls there that are ready to be reborn, if their vibration matches that of the flash of light, rush to get in…Paramhansa Yogananda

Spiritual Stem Cell Research In his lessons on healing, Yogananda also teaches how a deeply skilled meditator can transform his own stubborn body cells back to the more pliable stem cell state, and then command them to recreate a limb! I have read of a few cases in which this has worked.  I offer it here as an example of “spiritual science” being way ahead of the medical science at this point – not in the normal population certainly – but rather in a few extraordinary human beings.

However, from the teachings of Yogananda, an avatar for this age,  we can at least take some hints toward medical ethics.  For instance, in his above instructions, a person is using his own body cells and spiritually transforming them back to the stem cell state. So, of course – no life is taken in the process. No embryonic cells are needed to create the stems cells.  The material plane corollary is the ever-developing science of converting skin cells into stems cells.

And, of course, in his teachings above, regarding life starting at conception, one can infer compassion for the tiny fetus, and even more especially when that soul has been conceived by spiritual parents.  Even if society becomes more and more jaded regarding the presence of life and the soul in tiny baby – it doesn’t mean that we should all so become hardened in that way.  I mention this because the “norms” of society do have some effect on us, especially to younger people. If something is legal – there is a tendency to think it may also be moral or “okay.”

However, most women do seem to feel, in their heart of hearts, that abortion is wrong – once they have experienced it. They may feel that in the less-than-ideal circumstances it was still their best choice – but they may wish they had done more to avoid the predicament.  Sometimes that is easier said than done.  But – since this is primarily a blog about family life – you can discuss this with your sons and daughters to not take this subject lightly in their own lives.  Again – because something is “legal” – it may feel “okay”  – until they are faced with it.  So – hopefully they will make good choices that lead to a happy outcome.

And – in spite of our best efforts as parents – “life happens.” No matter what challenges you face in your family, lead with love.  Consider all that I have written here simply as helpful commentary for discussions that may arise in a home with teens and ‘tweens.

God bless you all.

Mary Kretzmann

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