I first saw this photo a year or two ago – but it is very precious, so  I am adding it to my category of God’s precious creatures. Your children will love seeing this deer that is so tiny it can fit in your hand!

“Deer are very, very tricky, but this one has spirit.. He’s an extremely feisty little guy and quite pushy,” Mr Stocker said.

This premature deer is nature at her Best! The wildlife doctor performed a Caesarean section, glad that the Driver had noticed that the doe was In gestation when he hit her with his car.At just six inches tall and weighing just over a pound, he was kept in an incubator in the intensive care unit at Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital in Buckinghamshire.

In the photos he is 5 days old, and had only recently opened his eyes.

Les Stocker, founder of Tiggywinkles, said, “Rupert’s mother had very severe injuries. We got the fawn out and got him breathing, then put him into an incubator and on oxygen. He was then fed by a tube.”


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