Light-keeper for your home:K-9 Web Protection

Updated version of what I wrote in Teens (I’ve since updated that post, too.)

…There are some specifics that will help any family. It is crucial to monitor computer access appropriate to the age level of your child. There are several items available to help you with this.  One is called K-9 Web Protection and it is free.  You can adjust it to fit your concerns. We’ve been happy with it so far, and I find it easy to customize it.

It also does more than simply protect family morals. It probably saved my computer the other day.  My son wanted to download some music – but it was blocked by K-9 because the site had spy-ware on it.  I did a search for a review of the bad website, and the complaints said some people had to have their computers rebuilt.  I’ve since told him to get his music from more reputable websites! But, to his credit, he thought it was okay because McAfee hadn’t warned against it.

There is no way you can keep track of what your kids are doing online just by glancing over their shoulders now and then. K-9 also has a log of internet activity that cannot be erased without the password. (Hint: if you look at history on your computer and it is blank=bad sign. That means some one is covering his or her tracks.) K-9 would also be a big help in any families troubled by online porn. (Unfortunately – good families can be sorely tested by this. Give the wife/mother the password and block porn: very effective.)  I read of one man who asked for this because he was so sick of wasting his time with porn – but he couldn’t break the habit on his own.  So – K-9 can help keep Light in families  on many levels. And as I said – you can customize your settings for your family’s needs…


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