The Soul Enters at Conception, testimonies

I’ve received some great comments after I posted my article on When Does the Soul Enter the Body? in which I mention:

Some sensitive, intuitive parents do report feeling the soul being born to their family in that moment, and that it feels like a fully conscious presence that then becomes the baby. Some parents say they can sense something of the soul’s strengths and challenges, and how to best guide that soul, once he or she is born and ready for the School of Life.

I love hearing soul affirming wisdom straight from the lips of women who knew from the first moment that new life was within them…I received this note from a friend after she read my original article.*  Her daughter is now grown and has children of her own.

“Dear Mary,
This is
so beautiful. Thank you so much. When my dear daughter came to me, I felt her fully formed, not by any biology, but by her own nature. I saw her personality fully present. She was smart and observant. She thought way before she could speak. It was such a joy to have her with me.
Joy to you, Mary,

And it is really great to hear from the dads, too! This one is from a devotee in Canada. He and his wife live surrounded by forest, and I feel that this natural peace, plus meditation of course, has deepened their intuition to a high degree.

One of his stories, below, gives testimony to the truth of Yogananda’s words: “At the moment of conception…when the sperm and ovum unite, there is a flash of light in the astral world….”

“I would like to briefly share my own private experience with you:

“At the point of my son’s conception, my wife and I had a mystical experience that will stay with us for our lives.  Both of us heard a pronounced, almost electrical PING” sound, and simultaneously saw a subtle inner flash, as we rested in the midst of our loving embrace.  We both exclaimed – “Did you hear that?!”—and yes, we both did hear it, and also both saw an almost electrical energy like charge take place in a subtler realm, distant yet somehow very close to us.  We knew at that moment that our pure expression of love had opened the way for a wonderful soul to come to us. My son, 26 years old now, remains a source of great joy in our family.

We have also been blessed with other experiences such as an unwavering inner knowledge, not provable to others, but without a doubt for us, that our daughter is my dear grandmother,  who previously loved my wife and I so much.  To see a soul you knew very well in one life, and who sang lullaby’s to me as a child, come into this world a clean slate in their own new conscious mind,  and travel a new journey with you in a new form as your daughter, is an amazing gift that deepens ones spiritual ardor.  To this day, my daughter (she’s 22 now) carries many of her strong willed and goodness tendencies from her past life, but remembers nothing of her past in this incarnation.

We usually avoid speaking of these things as they have been greeted with rolling eyes and unspoken skepticism, but my experiences have proved to me, truly, souls do congregate and are attracted to each other, coming into this Matrix of a physical world.”

These stories give testimony to experiences these parents had well before ever reading Yogananda’s teachings on the topic. Soul teachings are eternal, and we discover them for ourselves when we live more and more in the Divine Light.


Swami Kriyananda was often present when Paramhansa Yogananda spoke privately with disciples, received visitors, or discussed his writings. These conversations are recorded in his book, Conversations with Yogananda. This question of life is addressed in entry #177:

It is a common belief these days that until a child is actually born, it is not yet a consciously developing human being. This belief is fallacious.

“When does the soul enter the body?” someone asked the Master.

“At the moment of conception,” he replied. “When the sperm and ovum unite, there is a flash of light in the astral world. Souls there that are ready to be reborn, if their vibration matches that of the flash of light, rush to get in. Sometimes two or more get in at the same time, and the woman has twins, triplets, or even – well!

“It is important, therefore, to come together physically with an uplifted consciousness. That flash generated in the astral world reflects the couple’s state of consciousness, especially as they felt during the moment of physical union.”


*Read the full article in an easy to forward format:

When Does the Soul Enter the Body? by Mary Kretzmann


13 Responses to “The Soul Enters at Conception, testimonies”

  1. mancha Says:

    Ps 139 is a seminal verse for many Christians for the existence of life in the womb. But look at the rest of the verse.
    PS 139:16 your eyes saw my unformed body.
    All the days ordained for me
    were written in your book
    before one of them came to be.
    Note the writer David envisioned an unformed body before his days “came to be.” What other conclusion can you derive but the “days comming to be” are after he has a formed body.

    Christ had to explain to Nicodemus that we have to be born of water ( the amniotic fluid of the womb) and born again spiritually.
    So our first life is after birth thru the birth canal and amniotic fluid. Our second spiritual birth is by faith by which we are imputed a new spirital life.

    • marykretzmann Says:

      Thanks for your thoughts…
      I can only conclude your purpose it to say the soul does not enter at conception?

      But there so many holes in your logic that I don’t know where to begin, actually. But I do find it fascinating that you seem devoted to scripture, and yet equally devoted to the belief that the soul enters only with the first breath. I just don’t buy it. There is just too much evidence and testimony for what I have written.

      I have deep love for the psalms – but in this case I could just as easily comment on it in support of my position – it certainly does not refute my position.

      Well – in my neck of the woods, it is getting late…and I need to get some rest – but we can continue this discussion in the future…

  2. Marsha Krygier Says:

    Mary – I have read all that has been expressed on this topic. Different religions (your base being Hindu) have different beliefs on this topic as to when the soul enters. You believe it is at conception as do I (as a Christian). Because of the sacredness of the soul being with the conception, Christianity has taken a stance (very unpopular and controversial in today’s culture) on abortion. What are the teachings on abortion from Yogananda, from Hinduism or from Ananda? Thanks, Marsha

    • marykretzmann Says:

      HI Marsha,
      I apologize that I am only seeing your comment today. First I want to clarify that i do not see myself as a “Hindu,” per se – but rather as a disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda and our line of Gurus, which include Jesus Christ. More here:

      But this is the basic Hindu stance, which I resonate with:

      “…Unless a mother’s health is at risk, traditional Hindu teachings and texts condemn abortion because it is thought to violate the religion’s teachings of non-violence. The Vedic texts compare abortion to the killing of one’s own parents.[2] The general value system of Hinduism teaches that the correct course of action in any given situation is the one that causes the least harm to those involved. Thus in the case where the mother’s life is at risk, abortion is considered acceptable…”

      About your question: Swami Kriyananda once gave an answer in private, but he said, “I normally don’t answer that question because it upsets the women.” But suffice it to say that his answer was very much along the lines of what is said in the above quote.

  3. Hubert Says:

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    a look when I get home. I’m surprised at how quick your blog loaded on my phone .. I’m not even
    using WIFI, just 3G .. Anyhow, awesome blog!

  4. Angel Says:

    My daughter is 4 years old. I found this site after I googled “I felt electricity conception” My daughter’s father and I (we aren’t married, but lived together ten years now) both had an extraordinary experience the moment our daughter was conceived. To me it felt like electricity resonated and lingered through my entire body and I knew that something phenomenal had occurred! It was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced. For him, it was a spiritual awakening and state of knowing that a soul had just entered my womb. We only talk to each other about it because people tend to be skeptics by nature, and well, it is hard to describe. Another ‘wow’ moment for me: the date of the first entry here is 7/21/09, my daughter’s birthday! I know I have found the path for the right answers I have been seeking about our experience….God Bless!

    • marykretzmann Says:

      Dear Angel,

      Thank you so much for your comment and story. I loved reading it, and it makes me feel that your daughter is a special “spiritual” soul that you should feel such electric energy at that moment. And the fact that you and your partner both felt it says much bout your spiritual potential, as well.

      God bless you and your family.

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