Come to me as Moses, by Yogananda

Children’s Bible Stories – Moses

I just found this simple little online story about Moses. It is complete without being scary.  Suitable for young kids. You could either read it online or print it out.  If it’s too long – just read a little bit each day. I am writing about Pentecost for older kids, and I came across this for back ground information about the 10 commandments (and why there were so many foreign people in Jerusalem for the Pentecost).  And yes – I know I am late for this year. I am in the process of creating ongoing resources.

online picture story about Moses

I will also be adding in this prayer-poem about Moses from Yogananda:

Come to me as Moses

O Moses, thou blossom of prophets! Thy wisdom’s power has led many out of the desert of sorrow to the smiling lands of joy.

The lips of thy life have whispered the secret way to set ablaze the bushes of soul-darkness with wisdom’s fire, and in its glow to behold God’s mercy-face.

In the “burning-bush” of love, He saw thee, wet with trickling tears of kindness to all, and behold, He said:

“Let My ten angels of heaven escort thee to earth, to blow in silence through the trumpets of all times, My Ten Commandments, declaring the march of Mine invisible army of divine qualities to fight the Satan of human darkness and his allies of sin, error, untruth, and their gloom-drunk soldiers.”

O Moses, thou torch-bearer of salvation, many soldier-souls are seeking to join thee in thy ceaseless march through the dark night of time, to fight the forces of gloom.

O God-loving Moses, teach us to fight weakness with power, and to worship supremely the God of Gods reigning on the throne of all hearts—and no other God!

By Paramhansa Yogananda, in Whispers from Eternity,


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