Family Life…30 years ago

This is a flash from the past…Someone wanted to make a documentary about family life at  Ananda Village.    The film was never completed – but a friend thought this was cute and put it on youtube.  I thought it was fun to post here because chapter 2, One Foot In front of the Other, of my online book,  Finding God in the Heart of Your Family, is from this time period. By that I mean the memory of when my daughter was 10 months old, which would be several months after this.

My husband, Tim, mentions a radial arm saw, because we were in the process of building our house – where we still live now, and he had brought it down there to make the trim.  He’s a pretty peaceful quiet guy, so this was a typical family time, actually. At the time – I do remember feeling just a little awkward…Maybe without the camera I would have said more…and I would have doted on my daughter even a little more, probably, if we were off screen.  That’s how I was…but she did love the little scooter chair, too.

Tim is still a woodworker and sells meditation benches around the world…but mostly in the USA, of course, through his website


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