past life memories

This boy has past life memories of being a WWII fighter pilot. What fascinated me was that once they had a special memorial service for the downed pilot – at the site of the crash…the child was able to move on.

See video here:Reincarnated WWII Fighter Pilot?

And this one is even better…

Child’s Nightmares and Memories Prove Reincarnation

Also, my own kids have had some glimpses of past lives, but not quite so traumatically. And some of their memories are very spiritual, and precious, and so I am reticent to post them just yet. It would have to be the right setting.

But one is mentioned here, in my chapter, “Wonderful Things Kids Say…” And another glimpse is mentioned in chapter 2, “One Foot In Front of the Other.”

These are both available in my online book, Finding God in the Heart of Your Family.


Mary Kretzmann

PS – To read more about Reincarnation, and the history of church dogma regarding it (the short story, is that it was considered “normal” until 553 AD)…click here Reincarnation, CH. 28, The Path: Autobiography of a Western Yogi, by Swami Kriyananda


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