Prayer-Demands for Children by Yogananda

from Whispers From Eternity

·        Thou art Love because my Mother loves me

Dear God, I know that Thou art Love, because my mother and my father love me; Thou art my eternal Father and Mother. My friends love me with Thy love, in their hearts. Thou art my best of all friends. Thou art my Teacher through all that happens to me in life. Because Thou lovest me, teach me to love Thee.

·        By loving all my Friends may I find Thy love

Mother Divine, make me love equally every friend in my life. By loving them may I find Thy love in all hearts, everywhere. Teach me to return even greater love to those who love me, and to pray also, and even especially, for those who do not love me. I will secretly enjoy loving them, for they, too ‘though they know it not!’ are my brothers and sisters in God.

·        Teach me to give Smiles to all

Father Divine, teach me to smile freely always. Teach me not to laugh at anyone, but to laugh kindly with them. Teach me never to hurt anyone, even with a false smile. Bless me with the grace to make others happy, just as I wish to be happy myself.

  • Come to me as Peace in sleep, and as Joy when I am awake

Dear Heavenly Father, when I’m asleep, come to me as peace. When I’m awake, come to me as joy. When I give kindness to others, come to me as love. When I run, run with high energy through my legs. When I think, send understanding through my thoughts. When I use will power, send your will power through me. Teach me to think, play, behave, and use my will rightly, for Thou art always by me. I love to be guided by Thee, for Thou, more even than my parents, dost always wish the best for me.

·        Thou art so plainly Present everywhere; I bow to Thee

When I dance happily, dear Heavenly Father, I dance with Thee. Wherever I look, I see Thee peeping out at me from just behind everything. I see Thee every day, painting the sky with bright colors. I watch Thee clothing the bare ground with green grass. I see Thee shining in the sunshine. Oh, I see Thee so plainly present everywhere! I bow to Thee!

·        My parents and friends Love me, dear Father, because Thou Lovest me

My parents love me, dear Heavenly Father, because of Thy love for me. My friends love me because Thou dost love me, through them. I love my home, my neighborhood, and my country because Thy love is everywhere. I bow to Thee in my heart.

·        Thou art the Cause of everything: I bow to Thee

Dear Heavenly Father, the moonlight reminds me that all darkness passes. The sun reminds me that my mind, too, should be bathed in light. The seasons change because that is how I can have food to eat. The seasons change, also, to teach me to adjust to all life’s changes. Thou art behind everything, teaching deep secrets for living a better life. Always I bow to Thee.

·        I bow to Thee in the sunshine, breeze, dawn, and hearts of Loving Friends

Dear Heavenly Father, when I slake my thirst with cool water, it is Thy nourishment which refreshes me. When I wash myself, I make myself clean for Thee, even as Thou dost want my heart’s feelings always to be pure. When I feel the sunshine on my face and skin, I feel Thy love in that warm touch. I bow to Thee in the sunshine, in the breezes, in the dawn, the noon, the evening light. And I bow to Thee in the forms of all those who love me.

·        Teach me to find Happiness in the Joy of others

O Mother Divine, teach me to love others, and to serve them in Thy name. Teach me to be true to my word, even as I want others to be true to theirs. Teach me to love others, even as I want them to love me. Teach me, O Dearest Heavenly Mother, to make others happy, and to make them smile. Teach me to find my happiness in the happiness of all.

·        Teach me to feel Thee as Silence when I close my eyes

Father, teach me not only to listen, but to understand what I hear. Help me to practice, myself, anything good that I learn. Teach me to look for Thy hidden hand working in all Nature. Teach me to feel Thy silence when I close my eyes. Oh, I bow to Thee! Aum! Amen!

Note to the parents:

One or more of these prayer demands for children can be read each night at prayer time before bed. Your child can either repeat the prayer, or simply listen as you read one. Often a child is happy to listen peacefully while the parent reads. That is perfectly fine, and over time, these divine concepts will be part of the child’s mental/emotional and spiritual framework.

To learn more, you can read the chapter on “Prayers and Devotion” in my book,  Finding God…in the Heart of Your Family. (see BOOK tab)

Note for a beautiful, printable version, with photos, please click below

“Prayer Demands for Children


Mary Kretzmann


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