Sunday Inspiration with Joseph Bharat Cornell

Joseph Bharat Cornell

Bharat Cornell

From time to time I will post a link to Ananda  Sunday Services that I feel might be particularly meaningful to families, especially those with older kids and teens.  We had the blessing to be present for this event, but these services are also “attended” by over 500 people each week on-line. (They are uploaded each Monday morning,  so people set their own weekly schedule. )

“When we give love to others, we discover love in ourselves. And when we serve others, we feel an expanded sense of joy.”
–Bharat, quoting Swami Kriyananda

Joseph Bharat Cornell is the Founder of  Sharing Nature Foundation:

“Sharing Nature is dedicated to helping people of all ages experience their oneness and harmony with all Life.”

In this Sunday Service, Bharat Cornell wonderfully combines elements of history, nature, devotion, joyful humor, and reverence to God. Highly recommended.

“Deeds vs. Intentions”
Ministers: Anandi and Bharat Cornell

March 29, 2009

Video: click here

Streaming Audio

MP3 Download

See also my post on “Sunday Science and Family”


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