Family Book

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Finding God in Your Family

By Mary Kretzmann

Part I

Chapters 1-6 were written over the course of a few years, up to about the the year 2004.  Newer chapters are now being added in 2009

Table of Contents:
First, An Introduction: “A Family Journey In Light”


I started writing this blog  in 2009, but these ideas have been part of our family’s devotional life all along.   Having this website inspires me to take the time to write.   Please note that each new chapter can stand on it’s own, or within this framework of the book. This section was written for an online audience, and links are provided for extra inspiration and resources.

1) Sunday Science, Religion, and Family:
2) Spiritual Seasons, and Easter
3) Sacred Exits, East and West:
Paramhansa Yogananda and Jesus Christ

Do’s and Dont’s of Good Parenting, By Yogananda:

Click here for: “Stories of Christ” by Timothy Kretzmann

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9 Responses to “Family Book”

  1. Elise Hierman Says:

    Thanks, Mary, for telling me about your site. I just finished navigating it and will start reading your book next chance I get. I enjoyed reading the story about Psalm 91 and “Life Begins”.


  2. shobana sudhakaran Says:

    beautiful!!!!!Thank you Mary. I wish I had read them about 10 years ago I could have done a better job as a mother

  3. marykretzmann Says:

    from Lisa C, on facebook, regarding a link I made to this book

    “Mary, this is such a gift. Beautifully written. I’ve read Part I and am looking forward to reading Part II when I have some more time. Thank you for sharing…”

  4. marykretzmann Says:

    I received this as an e-mail from a member of the healing prayer council. Each note encourages me in the writing process – so thank you!

    Dear Mary,

    I read part of the book last night. I am now catching up with emails, I have had to travel for two weddings.

    I wanted to send a quick email to tell you how inspired I am already. You really are a gifted writer.. Your words allow me to imagine the setting & be completely immerse in the stories. Thank you. I intend to finish it tonight.

    I hope this book will the first of many to come.
    M. J-L

  5. marykretzmann Says:

    I received this message from a friend on facebook; I thought to add it here with the others….

    Dear Mary,
    I have been reading your book. It is wonderful and so inspiring. I have made some good changes here at home, all for the positive. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely words of wisdom and spiritual family.
    Joy to you!

  6. michelle Says:

    dear mary , i am from germany and would like to purchase finding god in your family but it wont let can i purchase the ebook from outside the usa?
    love michelle

  7. michelle Says:

    dear mary , i am from germany and would like to purchase finding god in your family but it wont let can i purchase the ebook from outside the usa?my email.
    love michelle

    • marykretzmann Says:

      Dear Michelle,

      I am sorry it took me a while to respond. There has been some serious illness in my family – but things are getting better now -thank God.

      Try this link – i meant to have the free link here anyway!

      God bless you and your family,
      Mary Kretzmann
      [scribd id=16571204 key=key-39526jv2mjjewcacofu mode=list]

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